Acupuncture For Pain - Free Preview

A Course for Acupuncturists and Dry Needing Specialists

This page features promotional video and an introduction.

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Preview – with Jamie Hedger

IMPORTANT: This video course is intended for people who are qualified to use needles and fully aware of health and safety procedures and Clean Needle Technique. The course is for educational purposes only and participants are fully responsible for their actions whilst using the techniques shown.

Reference Books while making these videos have been:

Ear: Auriculotherapy Manual – Oleson  SEE IT HERE

Tung: Practical Atlas of Tung’s Acupuncture – LINK

Electro: Electro Acupuncture Handbook – LINK

Note – these points are forbidden in pregnancy.

Tung points shown are 22.04 Da Bai (Co3) & 22.05 Ling Gu (Miraculous Bone) + Co 4. The two Tung points are often used together and form part of many pain treatment protocols.

These points have many uses and far reaching general effects but in the context of pain:

22.05 – Migraine, Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Foot Pain, Intestinal Pain.

Use together for – Intestinal pain, Lumber spine, Lumber pain when needled deep and close to the bone (invigorates Kidney).

See these points needled in the back pain lesson.

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