Acupuncture Beauty Secrets

An understanding of what it is that makes us look good is fundamental to the theories that we use as acupuncturists. This means that in theory at least, any acupuncture treatment that helps to promote holistic balance will improve your looks. Of course, beauty and general attractiveness goes more than skin deep and exists in different ways for different people. Our genetic makeup dictates that some have great face shapes, great eyes, great posture or great skin. Others have radiant personalities or other attributes that make them attractive. The starting principle from an acupuncture perspective is that when a person is in balance energetically they will be at their best emotionally, physically and ultimately spiritually as well. Such a person cannot but be attractive because when a human being is balanced in such a way all the things that are attractive about them manifest in a natural way. Even though we cannot all look like film stars, everyone has the potential to shine in their own way when they are in balance. Clearly, you can have imbalances and still be attractive (especially with the benefit of youth and there are whole TV shows that illustrate this point) but identifying areas of imbalance and helping to redress them is what acupuncture is all about. In every case, if this is achieved it will improve your health, your inner feelings and subsequently your attractiveness.

When we think about the organs in the body we do not necessarily see them only as parts of the machine with functions. If a car will not start because the starter motor is faulty we can replace it and the car will be just as it was before. When it comes to people each of their organs is in relationship with the others in a deeper way than that. It is the dynamic holistic balance within and the way in which all parts interrelate that makes each of us unique and special.

But despite this, there are still various theoretical functions of the organs or areas where they manifest that we can recognise and treat accordingly.

The Spleen is an important organ and as acupuncturists, we see it as having a wider role than they would in most clinics and hospitals. When we speak of any organ we are referring not only to its physical form but also to its nature, its energy and its correspondences and functions. Some of the most important areas that are considered to be relevant to the spleen are the digestive function, the production of blood, the quality of the skin, the shape and fullness of the mouth and the lips. If you are a woman then the things that make you attractive (and sexy) are the things that are generally associated with fertility. Such as the shape of your body, especially the waist, hips and breasts. The fullness of lips, muscle tone, and the sheen of your hair. These things are all either directly or very closely associated with the spleen and the quality and quantity of your blood. Male attractiveness is also associated with muscle size, strength, tone and shape in a different way.

I made some videos that show how different organs manifest in the face and this includes one showing how the spleen is considered

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