Learn to be an Acupuncturist – Online

Can you learn to be an acupuncturist online?

We are surrounded by technology now and the online format is the modern way to learn. Once you are enrolled the materials are available to you wherever you are and whenever you want them. This is a huge advantage over conventional learning modalities because it means you can schedule your learning around your life. So you can balance factors like work, health, childcare and family commitments to enable you to study in the most efficient and productive way. It also means that you can use the materials in the way that best suits you. Some people enjoy watching a video or listening to the soundtrack, others prefer reading books or researching online. The online course includes all of these and at the end of each module, there is an online test to help you evaluate your learning progress.

But of course, that is not enough, is it? Acupuncture is not only about what you know theoretically, but so much more. The aim of acupuncture is to help people who are suffering in some way or to guide them and help improve the quality of their lives. To do this we need to know what we are doing but also to develop our senses, skills and intuition. By learning a lot of the ideas and theories online we can sew the seed of your development in preparation for when you attend the course training sessions.

Examples of these are:

  • How you sense Qi (energy)
  • Practical skills and manual dexterity to perform skills such as:
  • Needling.
  • Taking Pulses.
  • Point location.
  • People skills such as:
  • Meeting and greeting patients.
  • Making them feel comfortable.
  • Understanding their needs.
  • Making a diagnosis.
  • Marketing skills to promote and build your practice.
  • Through such actions developing your healing skills.
  • ensitivity and intuition.

This saves a lot of time and explaining and means that we can get you straight into the practical and intuitive part. For example, in module one we learn how to measure the body. But since you will have watched a video in advance you will already know about how we do it, what the measurements are, what a Chinese inch is, etc. So when we do a quick review and then tell you to see how you get on with it, you will already know what it is you are trying to do. This makes your learning much more efficient and focused on the skills we need to learn that can only be learned in a practical way together with other people.

Once students get to know one another we encourage them to create online groups so as to communicate, meet (if possible) and help one another between modules.

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